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  • Trademark verification

    Result in 24 hours

    Free lawyer's check

    In order to be registered, a trademark needs to meet the distinctiveness criterion. Result and recommendation within 24 hours.

  • Filling the registration

    3-5 days process

    Application drafting

    After you complete the order, we will prepare an application draft. Once approved, we will file it on your behalf, providing legal representation.

  • Assessment by the trademark office

    3-12 months period

    IPO examination

    Application is assessed by the corresponding Intellectual Property Office (IPO), published for potential oppositions and approved.

  • Trademark certificate

    Registration completed

    10 year validity

    Following a successful registration, your trademark is valid from the date of filing and it retains the priority right throughout the process.

Result in 24 hours

Free lawyer's check

Verification result

We always start with verifying whether your trademark meets all the criteria required for registration. You will receive the assessment from our experienced legal team within 24 hours. In the result, you will find the evaluation of the overall registrability of your trademark, risk of opposition by similar trademarks, recommended classes of goods & services for your application form and a price estimate.

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What's next?

  • If you're unsure about the assessment you've received, you can schedule a free consultation or email our support and our team will go over the result and recommendations with you.

  • Trama provides legal representation in all countries served, meaning that you can file trademarks across the world regardless of where you are from. All we need from you is information about the intended owner of the trademark, selection of relevant goods & services (based on our recommendations) and payment (either online secure payment via Stripe or via a bank transfer).

3-5 days process

Application drafting

Dashboard in customer portal

After we've received your payment, our legal team will get in touch with you to prepare a draft submission. Once you've approved it, we'll submit your application to the corresponding trademark office(s). After that, we'll notify you about any status changes in your application. You can also find the status in your dashboard if you have an account.

What does it mean?

  • The protection for your brand starts from the date of filing the trademark application as it retains the priority right throughout the registration process. In other words, should a competitor start using or attempt to register a similar trademark, it is the earlier date of filing the application that protects your brand.

  • Once the trademark application is received by the corresponding IPO, you are eligible to enroll in Amazon Brand Registry. This process usually takes between 1 and 2 weeks from filing the application.

3-12 months period

IPO examination

Notifications about application in customer portal

The whole process takes about 3-12 months, depending on the country. You can find a detailed list of processing times here. During this process, your trademark application will go through multiple stages: first, the initial examination, where the intellectual property office evaluates the formal aspects of the application, followed by the publication for opposition.

What can happen here?

  • The IPO may challenge the application if it fails to meet the distinctiveness and / or uniqueness criteria. Our legal team will of course notify you if this happens and outline strategies for resolving these office actions.

  • Owners of previously registered trademarks similar to yours may challenge the application. While we ensure that you are fully aware of these potential risks as part of our lawyer's check, our legal team is ready to assist you should any opposition be raised.

Registration completed

10 year validity

Progress tracking for registration

After the registration of your trademark, you'll receive the certificate of registration. The validity of your trademark is 10 years, counting from the date of filing.

Sample result

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Your trademark is eligible for registration

Trademark registration almost always entails some level of risk. While it is very low in your case, please go through the report and recommendations below before placing your order.

Countries checked

You can customize the final selection of countries during the order.

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    United States

Recommended classes for the registrationClasses are a mandatory part of trademark registration. Regarding the information you have provided us, we recommend the following one(s) for the best protection of your trademark.

You can rely on our recommendation or customize the selection classes of goods and services during the Registration order.

Class 35:

Advertising and business administration, E-commerce

Class 42:

Research and development, IT services and SaaS

Class 45:

Social and legal services

Assessment result explained

There are three main components of this assessment.


Fully met

Your brand displays sufficient uniqueness to differentiate your products / services from the perspective of customers. Learn moreTrademarks eligible for registration cannot be descriptive of the goods & services you offer.Learn more

Identical trademark

No exact match

No identical trademark has been identified as part of the lawyer's check, enabling your brand to be registered. Learn moreIf an identical trademark has been already registered, the chances of a successful registration are virtually non-existent.Learn more

Risk of opposition / office action


The risk of receiving an opposition from the owners of existing similar trademarks is low due to the uniqueness of your brand. Learn moreTrademark registration protects against identical as well as similar brands. The risk of opposition however depends on the overlap in the goods & services provided, size and behaviour of the organisations holding existing trademarks.Learn more

Checked by

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Marek Krizka

US Attorney & Legal Mind

Dear client, for full protection of your brand, we recommend supplementing classes 42 and 45 with class 35 because it contains an item called "Advisory services for business management".

Our recommendation

  • 1

    Although some level of similarity exists between your brand and identified previously registered trademarks, the likelihood of confusion is low due to the limited similarity and / or the fact that you may not be direct competitors in the same industry sector

  • 2

    On average, only about 5% of all trademark applications are met with an opposition. Should any opposition be raised, team Trama is ready to support you (extra costs may apply - Learn More)

  • 3

    Trademark registration is therefore highly recommended, especially if you have a running business under this brand or rebranding is not an option for you

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