Descriptive Trademark

A descriptive trademark is a type of trademark that uses words or phrases that describe the characteristics or qualities of the goods or services being offered, such as the ingredients, quality, purpose, or geographic origin. Descriptive trademarks are generally considered to be weak and are more difficult to protect than other types of trademarks.

Unlike fanciful or arbitrary trademarks, which are inherently distinctive and have no connection to the goods or services being offered, descriptive trademarks are more likely to be used by competitors to describe their own goods or services. This can make it difficult for the trademark owner to prevent others from using similar descriptive terms to describe their own products.To obtain trademark protection for a suggestive trademark, the trademark owner must demonstrate that the trademark has acquired a secondary meaning or distinctiveness in the minds of consumers. This means that the trademark must be associated with the specific goods or services of the trademark owner and not just suggest a characteristic or quality of the product.