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“Our goal at Cyber Expedite™ is to modernise the cyber security service procurement industry, to help organisations answer one simple question: I know I need a security service; I just don’t know what to ask for and who provides that service. We put so much effort into trading names and reviewing web domain registrations etc, why would you not want to protect that?” Cyber Expedite, founded by Niall McEvoy, seeks to add value to every organisation by simplifying the scoping and delivery of cyber security solutions and services.


Jan Buza

Cyber security threats and the emergence of Cyber Expedite

Cyber Expedite, founded by Niall McEvoy, brings innovation and automation into the field of cyber security, offering its clients a highly convenient solution for procuring cyber security services or technology. As it is usually the case with highly innovative startups, the origins of this remarkable idea can be traced back to the founder’s vast experience in the field, personal passion for finding the most optimal solution and the real market need for such a solution.

“I’ve always been passionate about Information Security and over the last two decades I’ve had the good fortune to work in this area across multiple industries including financial, government, retail, and wholesale, even heading up Information and Cyber Security in the Central Bank of Ireland.  I’ve seen Cyber Security morph into the real threat every business, regardless of their size, now face.  Even to the unfortunate circumstances we see today, where it is being used in Cyber Warfare. We built Cyber Expedite with one thing in mind and that is to add value to every organisation, regardless of whether they have Information Security resources or not, as there is a huge shortage of experienced security professionals.”

Finding the right cyber security solution can become a daunting challenge and it is the goal of Cyber Expedite to streamline the pre-sales process, offering valuable benefits for both the end-customers and the providers of these solutions.

“I’ve been in IT for over two decades and I’m not aware of anything similar in the market. While of course there are generalised procurement services that you pay a high price for, you still need to find the right provider and engage with them separately. This all takes time and money, not to mention it’s a very manual process. With Cyber Expedite, our platform is fully automated end to end with expert guidance.  In under ten minutes, for example, you can be guided through the whole process, from initial scope gathering, to requirements documentation and delivery. Your requirements are then matched to service providers either locally, or internationally that provide that service.“

“We do all this through the automation platform we’ve built, informing, and defining the customers Information and Cyber Security requirements by asking key questions service providers need to know, which will allow them to easily build out and cost the customers proposal. Our service is also hugely beneficial to the security providers as it lowers their pre-sales costs by cutting down on their initial scope requirement gathering effort dramatically. Our customers can then quickly have that informed conversation.”

Customer-centric focus brought by Cyber Expedite

Undoubtedly, the procurement of a cyber security solution can be highly challenging, especially for entrepreneurs without sufficient background in the field. And this is exactly where Cyber Expedite comes in, simplifying the whole process and providing a convenient solution for end-clients regardless of their level of depth of understanding the cyber security systems. 

“Over the years, I’ve spent so much time documenting Information Security requirements that I thought there must be a better, more efficient way to connect with security providers.  So, our goal at Cyber Expedite is to modernise the cyber security service procurement industry, to help organisations answer one simple question: “I know I need a security service; I just don’t know what to ask for and who provides that service”. Cyber Expedite is like your very own personalised cyber security shopper that will guide you through all the jargon.  To start with we have 17 products or “Cyber Builds” as we like to call them and we’ve many more planned, everything from security technology procurement to security assessments such as ransomware and remote working security.”

“As our platform was built with three principles in mind, Security, Trust and Choice, our customers are always in control. They choose their preferred providers and with the push of a button, their completed Cyber Build (e.g., a penetration test scope document) is sent only to those providers.  We track history and interest in real time through our intuitive Dash Page. To safeguard our customers’ confidentiality, we use strict retention and confidentiality controls, we never see any customer proposals while also protecting the intellectual property of our security providers.”

“Why would you not want to protect it?”

While it is true that thriving companies do indeed tend to protect their brands, it is often not until they experience infringement attempts that these efforts receive a sufficient priority to do so. By that time, it may be too late and while team Trama is here to support all businesses, we strongly encourage all entrepreneurs to think about brand protection through trademark registration from the very launch of the business.

“I think it was fortunate for us given our own experience and background in IT that it was one of the first things we thought of. We built the whole platform in the evenings and at weekends in secret to protect the idea and race to market. As you put so much effort into trading names and reviewing web domain registrations etc, why would you not want to protect that. However, having said that it was not something we had ever done before, so there was a learning curve.”

Experience with Trama

Trama has helped Cyber Security to secure its registered trademark across three jurisdictions, including the EU, the US, and the UK. These three markets alone account for 896.5 million consumers and 33% of the global consumer purchasing power parity. Moreover, it is this combination of the selected jurisdictions that offers a complete protection on key platforms, including the App Store and social media.

“We don’t believe we would be as far down the trademark process without Trama. While we are experts in Information & Cyber Security and our Cyber Expedite platform is there to expedite and inform our customers’ needs, this time we needed experts in Trademark law across multiple jurisdictions and Trama delivered the information we needed to make those informed decisions.  Trama’s platforms allowed us to move quickly and their trademark representatives were always very responsive, so it was an easy decision.”

We started like most people and went straight to the legal firms first. However, the process and cost especially with our ambitions to go live in three markets, Ireland, UK and US meant it was no easy ask. We thought there must be a better, more efficient way and through online searches found Trama. We were impressed with the platform and the amount of information provided, most of which is given with no obligation to purchase the service. It flattened our learning curve dramatically and allowed us to proceed at pace knowing that Trama had trademark representatives in every jurisdiction we needed.”

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