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Trademark protection wherever you need it

Trama can help you get a trademark anywhere. If you do not find your location here, get in touch with us for a more personalized offer.

Why Register for a Trademark

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    Make most of your brand

    Strong brands benefit from higher customer loyalty and greater margins. About 20% of market value of the most succesful brands is driven by their brand equity. Trademark enables you to set your brand apart from competition and gives you an exclusive right to profit from it.

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    Protect what you've built

    Success breeds envy. Without a trademark protection, it is easy for others to freeride on the value you have created with your brand. According to statistics, 85% of large firms registered a trademark infringement last year. Trademark protects you from copycats and malicious competition.

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Why trama™?

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    Strong expertise

    We've verified over 1 400 marks with 100% successful registration rate. Let us take care of yours as well - with a money-back guarantee.

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    Free assessment

    Unlike other providers we will verify if your mark can be registered for free within 24 hours. You do not risk anything with us.

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    Global coverage

    We will register your trademark in the United States, European Union, United Kingdom and pretty much any other location.

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    Streamlined process

    One form instead of dozens of emails, 10 minutes instead of several hours. We save your valuable time thanks to technology.

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    Dedicated support

    Our experts are here for you. They will gladly help you with any and every step of trademark registration process.

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    End-to-end service

    Our attorneys are ready to provide a comprehensive legal advice and litigation support. Learn more

How it works?

  • Free trademark verification

    24 hours

    Fill out the free verification form and our team of experienced attorneys will assess whether it is possible to register your trademark. You get the result within 24 hours.

    Trademark verification
  • Filing the registration

    3-5 days

    After you complete the order, our attorneys will prepare a submission draft for your final approval. Once confirmed, we will file it on your behalf and you retain full ownership of the trademark.

    Filling the registration
  • Assessment by the trademark office

    4-6 months

    The whole process takes 4-6 months, depending on the jurisdiction. Application is assessed by the trademark office, published for potential oppositions and finally approved.

    Assessment by the trademark office
  • Trademark registered

    Following a successful registration, your trademark is valid from the date of filing and it retains the right of priority throughout the assessment process carried out by trademark offices.

    Trademark certificate

What our clients say

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